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​​​​art education

​I began my studies at the Barnsdall Art Center in Los Angeles and later at the Gallery Art School in Campbell, CA.  I also attend workshops taught by  top watercolor artists​, including Charles Reid, Mel Stabin, Don Andrews, Lian Zhen, Mike E. Bailey, and Karen Frey.


  • Silicon Valley Open Studios, May 5-6, 2018,  11AM - 5PM, Site 290: 2510 Greer Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303.  I will be joining three other accomplished artists: LaRhee Webster, Linda Maki and Hadi Aghaee.  
  • Silicon Valley Open Studios, May 19-20, 2018, 11AM-5PM, Site 190: 5892 Pontius Ct., San Jose, CA 95123.  
  • Visit for more information about Silicon Valley Open Studios, the participating artists and studio locations.

About Marika Anderson

Marika Anderson has been painting with transparent watercolors for over 20 years.  Marika’s fascination with color, contrast, line and pattern is evident throughout her artwork. Her experimentation with these design elements has produced an exciting variety of dynamic realistic and semi-abstract images. Her subject matter often includes landscapes, plants, horses and other animals, which reflect her love of nature.  Recently she has been applying her talents to mixed media and collage.


When I am close to finishing a painting I ask "what can I do to make this piece more interesting or unusual"?

why i paint

When I pick up a paintbrush and dip it into my watercolor paints, I completely escape from the world around me. Once I am in the ”zone”, I am no longer aware of making conscious decisions as I paint. It just seems to is a magical experience and I love it!